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If we ask, “what is the most crucial part of a household air conditioner?” That’s a difficult question to answer because there are very few components in an air conditioner that the system could do without.

All of its components, including the two sets of coils, the blower fan, the motors, and the capacitors, are critical to the system’s correct operation and delivery of cooled air to your home without wasting a lot of energy.

However, if there is one component of an air conditioner that can be regarded as the “heart” of the system, it is the compressor

WESTRON Compressors QD65H

So, why is the compressor that important in an HVAC system?

The compressor truly functions as an air conditioner’s heart. It is the component that applies energy to the refrigerant, causing this heat transfer fluid to flow through the system. The compressor is installed in an HVAC system’s exterior cabinet and is driven by its own motor.

When the compressor is turned on, the gaseous refrigerant inside it is under great pressure.  This causes the gas to get hotter, and the increased pressure leads it to migrate through the system, first to the outdoor coils to release heat, then to the inside coils, where it loses pressure through an expansion valve and transforms into a cool liquid. It evaporates via the interior coil and cools the inside of the house in this manner. If an air conditioner’s compressor fails, the unit will not deliver any cooling.

The Leading Manufacturers of AC Compressors and HVAC Parts: WESTRON

AL WALEED Refrigerant Gas Industry LLC, a licensed industrial firm by the Ministry of Industries in the United Arab Emirates, is professionally involved in refrigerant manufacture and distribution throughout regional markets.

Their primary production facilities are both cutting-edge and research-focused. R22, R134a, 4 Series, 5 Series, R600a, R290, R125, R152a, R143A, R32, and so on are the key items. Over 75% of this product combination is exported to the Middle East and North African regions, as well as Pakistan and Eurasian nations.

WESTRON has always embraced scientific and technological advancements, as well as environmental protection, in accordance with worldwide requirements for the refrigerant sector. One of their management mission’s main principles is to provide improved, creative, yet sustainable energy-based goods. To stay current, they commit to constantly develop and improve the product line while taking into account client concerns.


The company received ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications to show industrial and organizational compatibility. Due to modern scientific advancements, improved manufacturing processes, practical technical help, and comprehensive quality assurance, the WESTRON brand has made its imprint, associated with excellence, throughout regional markets, further increasing market share year after year.

Simply said, they not only supply high-quality items, but their company concept also includes standard after-sales support.

ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001:2007

Other Prominent Features

  • Solutions for total refrigeration
  • Distinct refrigerant types
  • The UAE’s largest refrigerant/compressor company
  • Conventional refrigerants
  • Global strategic tie ups

Buy AC Compressor in UAE from Reliable Manufacturers

In addition to top quality new units, some applications are handled by a remanufactured compressor. Each of these devices undergoes a rigorous remanufacturing process in order to fulfill the demanding quality criteria.

If a part fails to satisfy their stringent specifications, it is either replaced with a new component or scrapped. Furthermore, because all of their remanufactured compressors are coreless, you won’t have to worry about cores or the associated costs.

Because these units are built right the first time, they will endure longer and perform better. WESTRON compressors, whether new or remanufactured, are designed to meet the unsurpassed reputation for technological excellence. You may be confident that they will provide the proper item and fit the first time.


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