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Invotech YH175T1-100 Compressor

Invotech YH175T1-100 Compressor R-407C (3P/380-420V/50Hz)
380-420V/3 ~ /50Hz or 460V/3 ~ /60Hz / 13.6 65.0 97.1 H 3.0/L 2.0 POE 1.6L
Model Power (HP) Displacment (M3/H) Capacity (W) +7.2/+54.4°C Power (W) COP (W/W) Run. cur. (A) MOC (A)
YH175T1-100 6 16.9 16510 5030 3.28 9.1 13.6

Invotech YH150T1-100 Compressor

Invotech YH150T1-100 Compressor R-407C (3P/380-420V/50Hz)
380-420V/3 ~ /50Hz or 460V/3 ~ /60Hz / 11.6 60.0 83.3 H 3.0/L 2.0 POE 1.4L
Model Power (HP) Displacment (M3/H) Capacity (W) +7.2/+54.4°C Power (W) COP (W/W) Run. cur. (A) MOC (A)
YH150T1-100 5 14.5 14400 4410 3.27 8.4 11.6

Invotech YH119T1-100 Compressor

Invotech YH119T1-100 Compressor R-407C (3P/380-420V/50Hz)
380-420V/3 ~ /50Hz or 460V/3 ~ /60Hz / 9.7 60.0 66.1 H 3.0/L 2.0 POE 1.4L
Model Power (HP) Displacment (M3/H) Capacity (W) +7.2/+54.4°C Power (W) COP (W/W) Run. cur. (A) MOC (A)
YH119T1-100 4 11.5 11420 3550 3.22 7.1 9.7

Invotech YH104T2-100 Compressor

Invotech YH104T2-100 Compressor R-407C (1P/220V/50Hz)
220/1 ~ /50Hz 80/450 21.7 109.0 59.2 H 3.0/L 2.0 POE 1.4L
Model Power (HP) Displacment (M3/H) Capacity (W) +7.2/+54.4°C Power (W) COP (W/W) Run. cur. (A) MOC (A)
YH104T2-100 3.5 10.3 10180 3250 3.13 15.4 21.7

Invotech YH89T2-102 Compressor

Invotech YH89T2-102 Compressor R-407C (1P/220V/50Hz)
Model Power (HP) Displacment (M3/H) Capacity (W) +7.2/+54.4°C Power (W) COP (W/W) Run. cur. (A) MOC (A)
YH89T2-100 3 8.6 8540 2827 3.02 13.4 19.4

Sigma QV30H Compressor

R134A Compressor QD110H POWER: 220-240V 50HZ COOLING CAPACITY: 75W 1/10 HP LBP/RSIR

Sigma QD110H Compressor

R134A Compressor QD110H POWER: 220-240V 50HZ COOLING CAPACITY: 320W 1/3 HP LBP/RSIR

Sigma QD75H Compressor

R134A Compressor QD75H POWER: 220-240V 50HZ COOLING CAPACITY: 180W 1/5 HP LBP/RSIR

Sigma QD65H Compressor

R134A Compressor QD65H POWER: 220-240V 50HZ COOLING CAPACITY: 168W 1/6 + HP LBP/RSIR

Sigma QD43H Compressor

R134A Compressor QDH3H POWER: 220-240V 50HZ COOLING CAPACITY: 110W 1/8+ HP LBP/RSIR

Sigma AK418H Compressor

R134A Compressor AK418H POWER: 220-240V 50HZ COOLING CAPACITY: 418W 1/2 HP LBP/CSIR

Tecumseh Compressor – AWR5538EXC

PRODUCT FAMILY : AW APPLICATION : AC, HBP PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY : Reciprocating REFRIGERANT : R-22 VOLTAGE : 220-240V 1PH 50Hz Series Reciprocating Compressor

AC and Refrigerator compressor

Good Quality & Premium AC and Refrigerator Compressor: Best Compressor Suppliers UAE

By circulating the refrigerant and pressurizing the system, the AC compressor is the heart of the air conditioning system. Before sending the refrigerant to the condenser, the compressor compresses it to raise its temperature.

  • Product quality and durability are ensured through long-term testing.
  • Each unit is put through its paces.
  • Parts were transit tested using sturdy packaging to protect them from damage during shipping.
  • Fit, form, and function must meet or exceed OE requirements.

Leading Compressor Suppliers in Dubai

When it comes to new AC compressors, you can’t go wrong with a machine made by the original equipment manufacturer. Because we supply these devices, we know them better than anyone else. Almost 90% of our coverage is made up of brand-new compressors.

How Does an Air Compressor Work?

A drive belt connected to the engine’s crankshaft powers the AC compressor. The compressor clutch pulley is attached to the belt.

The clutch pulley rotates anytime the engine is turned on, but the compressor only works when the air conditioning (and, in some circumstances, defrost) is turned on.

Because the clutch pulley is coupled to a field coil that can be magnetized by electric current, this is the case. The hub and shaft are attracted to the pulley by magnetism, allowing the clutch to operate the compressor.

The compressor heats up the refrigerant before cooling it down, which may sound paradoxical. The refrigerant becomes extremely heated as the pressure rises.

Because the refrigerant is pressured, it can expand, allowing the compressor to efficiently pump it into a high-pressure pipe that leads to the condenser. The cooling of the gas begins with this fast release, and it continues in the condenser fan, where air flowing over the lines helps cool it even further.

The refrigerant evaporates to absorb heat from the cabin air, leaving you with chilly air. The refrigerant can now return to the compressor via the low-pressure line, where the cycle can begin again. When your vehicle’s air conditioning is turned on, this cycle continues to cool the cabin air.

How Can You Tell If Your HVAC Air Conditioning Compressor Is Broken?

A hot cabin, a non-moving clutch, refrigerant leaking, and loud screaming or grinding when the compressor is on are all signs of a bad AC compressor.

Any of these symptoms could indicate that your compressor has ceased working, though you may only need to refill AC and Fridge compressor oil in some circumstances.

Common Causes of failure of AC and Fridge Compressors

Under ideal circumstances, the AC compressor would outlast the space. However, a number of maintenance difficulties could reduce its lifespan and necessitate its replacement.

To perform properly, the compressor requires adequate lubrication, which includes having enough oil, utilizing the correct sort of oil for the specific part, and being uncontaminated.

The refrigerant level, like the lubricant, must not be too high or too low for the compressor to avoid injuring the part and the nearby evaporator.

The item will overheat if the compressor builds up too much pressure, which can cause it to leak or fail. Even after replacement, pollution from other components of the system can cause the AC compressor to fail.

When you replace the AC compressor, you must also replace the accumulator.

Why Our Air Conditioners Compressors Are the Best in UAE

Design that is compact

We developed a small and lightweight design that achieves good cooling performance based on our many years of experience in engineering and manufacturing A/C components.

It’s simple to put together and it’s a perfect fit

The product is a perfect match for the vehicle’s specifications. Each of our compressors is precisely manufactured to match specifications, ensuring trouble-free installation.

Exceptional dependability

We have very high design requirements and put our thermal products are tested rigorously to ensure they are of the highest quality and have a very low failure rate.

Buy AC Compressor in UAE Factory-Made by Trusted Manufacturers

Some applications are handled by a remanufactured compressor in addition to our superior quality new units. To meet the stringent quality standards, each of these units goes through a thorough remanufacturing process.

If a part fails to meet our strict requirements, it is either replaced with a factory-new component or discarded. Furthermore, because all of our remanufactured compressors are coreless, you won’t have to deal with cores or the additional expenditures that come with them.

These units are manufactured correctly the first time, which means they will last longer and perform better.

The compressors at our shop, whether new or remanufactured, are built to fulfill unrivaled reputation for technological perfection. You may rest assured that we will provide you with the correct item and fit the first time.

Components of A Good HVAC Compressor

Thrust Bearings

For optimal durability, the structure is designed to endure tension and stress.

Swash Plates, Shaft, and Valve

For extra strength, a lightweight aluminum alloy was used in the design.


Complete with OE-recommended oil.


PTFE-coated pistons for smooth, efficient operation.

Snap Rings

Snap Rings Designed to enhance performance in high-temperature environments.

O-Rings & Seals

Compatible with both R12 and R134a refrigerants. OE-specified. To avoid leakage and for correct installation, an additional factory-O-Ring installation kit is included.

Compressors in Standard and Custom Sizes

Compact, energy-efficient AC and Refrigerator compressors for medium and low-temperature applications are supplied in standard and custom sizes. Automatic standby protection, I-line breaker panels, alarm relays, compressor contractors, lights, defrost time clocks or programmers, contractors, delay timers, and breakers are among the features. Engineering, design, and research and development services are available.

Furthermore, our team is well-versed in servicing any existing equipment that our customers may have. Regardless of the make or model of the compressor, pump, or drier that the clients have, our team will be able to offer the customers with the servicing that they require in order to keep the product operational for many years.

Offering Best HVAC Compressor Price All Over The UAE

We provide HVAC compressor at economical rates. Get in touch with our experts to know the rate of AC compressor.