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GMCC R22 AC Compressor

R22 Compressor Test Condition:ASH
  • R22
  • 220/240V - 50Hz
  • Power: 2390W
Series Typical Model Displ. (CC) Cooling Capacity Power (W) COP (W/W) Capacitor (π F/V) Compressor Height(mm) Discharge Pipe ID(mm) Sucition Pipe ID(mm)
(W) (Btu/h)
G2 PH420G2CS-4KU1 42.3 7420 25317 2390 3.10 50/400 354 9.8 12.9

GMCC R22 AC Compressor – PH480X3CS-4MU1

R22 Compressor Test Condition:ASH
  • R22
  • 220/240V - 50Hz
  • Power: 2730W
Series Typical Model Displ. (cm3/rev) Cooling Capacity Power (W) COP (W/W) Capacitor (π F/V) Compressor Height(mm) Discharge Pipe ID(mm) Sucition Pipe ID(mm)
(W) (Btu/h)
X3 PH480X3CS-4MU1 47.9 8460 28866 2730 3.10 55/400 397 9.8 16.2

GMCC is defined by reliability, efficiency, and affordability – all rolled into one brand of compressors. So when it comes to choosing compressors for ACs, HVACs, refrigerators etc., GMCC is a brand that you can trust. Moreover, GMCC has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to innovating cutting-edge compressor technologies and adhering to exceptional quality standards over the years.

Authorised GMCC Compressor Dealers

At Al Imran, we take pride in our offering of GMCC compressors. Our partnership with GMCC has been a close one. Hence, if you are looking for genuine compressors for your AC. HVAC, or refrigerator, then you have come to the right place.

We share not only GMCC’s vision of providing top-of-the-line compressors but are also committed to providing you with nothing but genuine compressors manufactured directly at the GMCC facilities.

Our Line of GMCC Compressors

GMCC has a plethora of options available in AC, HVAC, and refrigeration compressors. At Al Imran, we provide you with only the most trusted GMCC R22 AC compressors. These are rotary compressors of varying power inputs and capacities. They can be used in ACs, HVACs, chillers, refrigerators, as well as driers.

Model: PH400G2CS-4KU1

Running on 2390 Watts of power, the GMCC compressor is perfect for ACs because it offers both efficiency and durability. It uses R22 refrigerant gas.

Model: PH215G1C-4DZ1

This GMCC compressor has a power input of 1215 Watts. It runs on R22 refrigerant gas and is one of the best AC compressors preferred across the UAE.

Model: PH420X3CS-4KU1

With a power input of 1925 Watts, this GMCC compressor has proliferous applications. It is frequently used in ACs, refrigerators, chillers, and even driers.


This rotary AC compressor by GMCC is one of the most powerful at 2730 Watts. This GMCC compressor can power your AC to be more efficient than ever.

Why Choose GMCC Compressors

Considering different use cases, we at Al Imran can provide you with a unique GMCC rotary compressor depending on your requirements. Whether you are looking to purchase a compressor for residential or commercial use, GMCC should be your go-to option.

Product Variety: We have a wide range of GMCC compressors you can choose from. Whether it is a small residential house or a large commercial establishment, we have a GMCC compressor for you.

Superior Performance: GMCC compressors have astounding performance in terms of energy consumption. The GMCC compressors available with us can both perform well and operate at low noise levels.

Reliability and Durability: The different models of compressors available to us are developed to withstand long hours of operation. Due to their build quality, these rotary compressors have minimal downtime and almost no maintenance required.

Global Certifications of GMCC Compressors

Whether it is rotary or refrigeration compressors, all of the products manufactured by GMCC have passed quality, safety, and efficiency certifications like:

Compressor Controls Corporation (CCC)
TÜV Rheinland (TUV)
Underwriter Laboratories (UL)
Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
Verband der Elektrotechnik (VDE)

Being the exclusive distributor of GMCC compressors means that all of these products are provided in the UAE. we at Al Imran procure only genuine components of AC and HVAC units. Contact today to get a free custom quote on a GMCC compressor of your choice.