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Invotech YH104T2-100 Compressor

Invotech YH104T2-100 Compressor R-407C (1P/220V/50Hz)
220/1 ~ /50Hz 80/450 21.7 109.0 59.2 H 3.0/L 2.0 POE 1.4L
Model Power (HP) Displacment (M3/H) Capacity (W) +7.2/+54.4°C Power (W) COP (W/W) Run. cur. (A) MOC (A)
YH104T2-100 3.5 10.3 10180 3250 3.13 15.4 21.7

Invotech YH119T1-100 Compressor

Invotech YH119T1-100 Compressor R-407C (3P/380-420V/50Hz)
380-420V/3 ~ /50Hz or 460V/3 ~ /60Hz / 9.7 60.0 66.1 H 3.0/L 2.0 POE 1.4L
Model Power (HP) Displacment (M3/H) Capacity (W) +7.2/+54.4°C Power (W) COP (W/W) Run. cur. (A) MOC (A)
YH119T1-100 4 11.5 11420 3550 3.22 7.1 9.7

Invotech YH150T1-100 Compressor

Invotech YH150T1-100 Compressor R-407C (3P/380-420V/50Hz)
380-420V/3 ~ /50Hz or 460V/3 ~ /60Hz / 11.6 60.0 83.3 H 3.0/L 2.0 POE 1.4L
Model Power (HP) Displacment (M3/H) Capacity (W) +7.2/+54.4°C Power (W) COP (W/W) Run. cur. (A) MOC (A)
YH150T1-100 5 14.5 14400 4410 3.27 8.4 11.6

Invotech YH175T1-100 Compressor

Invotech YH175T1-100 Compressor R-407C (3P/380-420V/50Hz)
380-420V/3 ~ /50Hz or 460V/3 ~ /60Hz / 13.6 65.0 97.1 H 3.0/L 2.0 POE 1.6L
Model Power (HP) Displacment (M3/H) Capacity (W) +7.2/+54.4°C Power (W) COP (W/W) Run. cur. (A) MOC (A)
YH175T1-100 6 16.9 16510 5030 3.28 9.1 13.6

Invotech YH89T2-102 Compressor

Invotech YH89T2-102 Compressor R-407C (1P/220V/50Hz)
Model Power (HP) Displacment (M3/H) Capacity (W) +7.2/+54.4°C Power (W) COP (W/W) Run. cur. (A) MOC (A)
YH89T2-100 3 8.6 8540 2827 3.02 13.4 19.4


Al-Imran is proud to add Invotech scroll compressors to its product catalog. Al-Imran is well-acknowledged for sourcing its products from quality brands and Invotech is one of them. Invotech is a Chinese Company that comprises the world’s best engineers to manufacture their compressors.

The company is recognized for its innovative scroll compressor technology which aids in heating pumps, chillers, water heaters, and refrigeration systems. Providing both; turn-key and custom-built solutions, Invotech scroll compressors now rule the refrigeration industry. With the vision to revolutionize the market, provide their technical solution globally, and minimize the energy waste and carbon footprint on the planet, Invotech is continuously innovating its compressors by presenting new models in the market with modern and reliable features and benefits.

Invotech has spread its company network in many continents including Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America, and over 30 different countries and regions.

Features of Invotech

Invotech scroll compressors possess many features that stand out from the rest of the compressors present in the market.

  1. Invotech scroll compressors are optimized for AC and Chillers both. Their Scroll Technology is highly efficient and reliable. It allows the compressor to run continuously and smoothly without any interruptions leading to less energy consumption and the compressor’s longevity.
  2. The compressor unit’s precise product definition is hinged on the customer’s specific needs.
  3. Invotech Scroll Compressors are highly energy efficient. These compressors have a floating seal design which is supported by a build-in radius and axial compliance design. Its floating design also results in a better COP. These compressors operate noiselessly. Their low vibration and quiet operation lead to a more comfortable and serene environment.
  4. Invotech compressors have outstanding management of discharge temperature. This feature helps in stretching the operating envelope and sits right on all the regulations that must be fulfilled for the day-to-day operations of the compressors.
  5. The compressors are accurate in detecting the loading and sealing force. This helps in running sound optimization.
  6. The motor design is extremely efficient, constructed robustly, and saves the compressor from any damage as it has several internal protection systems. It also has high pressure and overload protection.

Benefits of Invotech Compressors

Innovativeness in products brings out many new benefits that traditional models do not have. Invotech hones on producing innovative, energy-efficient, and sustainable products.

  1. Reduced energy consumption translates to lower operating costs, making Invotech Scroll Compressors an economical choice for businesses. Their energy efficiency is 11% higher than other similar products present in the market. They are around 80-86% energy efficient.
  2. Invotech compressors adhere to noise regulations as they operate on low vibration and quietly. Their Noise level is 5-7 dBA lower than other products.
  3. Their compact design is ideal for small spaces. They can be easily installed anywhere and won’t take up much space. They have a smaller mass of around 15%-18%.
  4. Their application range is very wide as they can be utilized in various areas including domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. They can operate meticulously in mid and lower-temperature applications.
  5. Despite being modern and innovative, the prices are very affordable. Invotech believes in optimal quality and low prices. The parts used in this compressor are not too much which reduces the overall cost of the compressor.
  6. COP of Invotech products is 15% better than conventional products in the market.
  7. They are more durable because of their scroll technology. Their scroll technology enables them not to rub the parts vigorously together. The rubbing gets lessened by 40% in scroll compressors which increases their life span. Their life span is more than 10 years.
  8. Invotech scroll compressors are highly reliable. Their electric motor has the ability to match the initiating current to the working current which results in less electricity consumption.


Invotech scroll compressors are utilized in various industries such as:

  1. HVAC Systems in Air Conditioning and Heating Systems to ensure climate control.
  2. Refrigeration Systems
  3. Food Processing and Storage Systems
  4. Pharmaceutical industries for temperature control

If you need any consultation regarding Invotech Scroll Compressors, we’re available for you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your productivity and environmental sustainability. Contact Al-Imran today to discuss your specific needs, and let Invotech Scroll Compressors be the catalyst for your refrigeration process. Upgrade your compressor technology now, and watch your operations soar to new heights!