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LG Rotary Compressor QK 164

LG Rotary Compressor: QK 164

50hz, 1 phase, 220v

1. High-efficiency Design 2. High Reliability 3. Low Vibration & Noise  

LG Rotary Compressor QK 222

LG Rotary Compressor QK 222
Power Source Model Cooling Capacity Motor Input EER COP Oil Charge
[Btu/hr] [Watts] [Watts] [Btu/] [W/W] [cc]
1PH, 115V, 60Hz QK222K 15900 4659 1458 10.9 3.20 380
  1. Refrigerant; R22 2. Application: Small room air conditioner

LG Rotary Compressor QP 407

LG rotary compressor QP Series
QJ306 220-240V/50Hz 18600BTU LRA44.2
QP325 220-240V/50Hz 19200BTU LRA59
QP407 220-240V/50Hz 24100BTU LRA75
QP407 220-240V/50Hz 24700BTU LRA52.5
QP442 220-240V/50Hz 26000BTU LRA75

LG Rotary Compressor QVS325PMA

LG QVS325PMA R22 50Hz Air Conditioner/Rotary Compressor Key Features
  • Full Line-up with various efficiency
  • Wide range of discharge capacity
  • World Highest Efficiency in non-variable speed Rotary
  • Reliability Excellence: Tropical Reliable Design
  • Work under wide voltage
  • High Torque Motor & High-Performance Mechanism
  • Compact design

Rotary compressors are utilized in HVAC applications for air conditioning and heating systems, and they provide some of the most efficient air conditioner and heat pump systems on the market.

Despite the fact that the rotary compressor is an important component of an air-source air conditioner or heat pump, its efficiency when employed as a modulating compressor can exceed the efficiency ratings of some geothermal systems.

When the compressor is linked to an inverter and the appropriate inverter management system, the efficiency of the air-source air conditioner or heat pump system increases to equal that of some geothermal air conditioner or heat pump systems.

The Leading Manufacturers of Rotary Compressor: Rotary China

The company’s production scale has been steadily increasing. Annual production capacity had increased from 250 thousand to 8 million sets. The organization received ISO9001-14001 integration certification, ISO9002 quality control system certification, and ISO14001 environmental system certification.
ISO Logos

All of which indicate that its management system is maturing. You can contact the experts at Al Imran if you’re not sure which model is right for your refrigeration system. Rotary China is a prominent producer and distributor of high-quality air conditioner rotary compressors in China. Since its founding, the firm has adhered to the principle of “Quality First,” bolstering its support for compressor matching technology

Why choose Rotary Compressors

With advanced technology and exceptional quality, the firm has won the favor of many well-known air-conditioning companies and has been named an “excellent supplier” on multiple occasions.

  • Simple and lightweight
  • Convenient and secure
  • Reduce vibration
  • High reliability and wide range
  • Works under adverse weather conditions
  • High productivity
  • They are less difficult to maintain.
  • Benefits of Rotary Compressors

    The rotary vane mechanism is simpler, more durable, and more efficient than reciprocating compressors (sometimes known as “piston compressors”), resulting in a superior machine with more uptime, increased energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, better air quality, and a longer lifespan.

  • The rotary compressor is tiny and lightweight, with less vibration and shaking than a reciprocating compressor. As a result, it does not require a firm foundation.
  • A rotary compressor has a high volumetric efficiency due to its tiny clearance volume.
  • The lubrication is simple, and the output fluid is dirt/oil-free.
  • The rotary compressor, unlike the reciprocating compressor, continuously supplies compressed air.
  • It has low initial outlay.
  • It operates at a fast speed and can handle a large volume of fluid.
  • The machine parts are uniformly distributed. It’s quieter than others.
  • Basic maintenance.
  • Rotary Compressors in Comparison to Others

    The rotary compressor, like the reciprocating and scroll compressors used in HVAC applications, compresses refrigerant vapor, elevating its temperature and pressure since all refrigerants have a temperature/pressure connection.

    This process is known as vapor compression refrigeration. Because it is excellent for use with inverter-type systems, the rotary compressor is unique to high-efficiency refrigeration systems. Because they may be regulated or stepped up and down dependent on demand, inverter-type air conditioners and heat pumps have better efficiency ranges.

    Rotary compressors used in HVAC applications are mostly either rotary vane compressors or rotary screw compressors, with rotary vane compressors used in smaller HVAC applications like residential split systems and mini-split ductless systems and rotary screw compressors used in larger HVAC applications like commercial chillers and process and industrial HVAC applications. The rotary screw has little vibration, making it suited for larger HVAC applications.

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