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Westron AC Motor Split Outdoor- YDK120-75-6A

Westron AC Fan Motor Split Outdoor - Single Phase 100% Copper Wire
  • 220V 50/60Hz 0.8A
  • 75W 1PH
  • 6P 5.0µF/450VAC
  • Westron AC Motor Split Outdoor- YDK120-100-6D

    Westron AC Fan Motor Split Outdoor - Single Phase 100% Copper Wire
  • 220V 50/60Hz 0.95A
  • 100W 1PH
  • 6P 5.0µF/450VAC
  • Westron O General AC Motor Split Outdoor- YDK120-65-6A2

    Westron Motor O General Split Outdoor - Single Phase
  • 220V 50/60Hz 0.68A
  • 65W 1PH
  • 6P 4.0µF/350VAC
  • Westron O General Window AC Motor – 1/6 HP – YFK257

    Westron Motor O General Window AC
  • 220V 50/60Hz 1PH 6P
  • 130W
  • 1/6HP
  • Permanent Cap 8.0µF/370V
  • Westron – Motor O General Window AC 1/6 HP (YDK120-120-6A5)

    Westron - Motor O General Single Shaft Copper Wire For Window AC 1/6 HP 220V 50/60Hz 1PH 6P 120W RPM910 PF0.96 Permanent Cap 8.0µF/370V

    Sigma Universal AC Fan Motor

    Sigma Universal Motor without leg Technical Information: Fan Motor - 1/4 HP Motors - YSK140/35-4-185-1 Single Phase permanent split capacitor motor designed for use as air conditioner fan motor.
    • Suitable for use in locations with airborne lit or fiber.
    • Equipped with an automatic thermal protection device.
    • Equipped with extra-long supply wires for easier installation.
    • Can be used for high ambient temperature.

    Axial Fan Motors – Three Phase

    Specifications of Axial Fan Motors - Three Phase
    Model Size in inch Poles Phase Voltage (VAC) Current (A) Power (W) Speed (RPM) Airflow (M³/hr) Airflow (CFM) Noise dBA wt Kg
    4D-200 8 4 Three 415 0.10 30 1450 550 324 45 3.0
    4D-250 10 4 Three 415 0.17 60 1400 1025 603 55 3.0
    4D-300 12 4 Three 415 0.22 75 1380 1850 1089 58 3.3
    4D-350 14 4 Three 415 0.38 140 1380 3125 1839 62 4.9
    4D-400 16 4 Three 415 0.47 180 1380 4080 2401 68 5.6
    4D-450 18 4 Three 415 0.60 250 1360 5200 3061 68 7.2
    4D-500 20 4 Three 415 0.90 450 1300 7800 4591 72 9.5
    4D-550 22 4 Three 415 1.20 600 1300 9300 5474 75 10.5
    4D-600 24 4 Three 415 1.60 780 1350 12000 7063 78 14.0
    4D-630 25 6 Three 415 1.60 800 1320 14000 8240 78 15.0

    Axial Fan Motors – Single Phase

    Specifications of Axial Fan Motors - Single Phase
    Model Size in inch Poles Phase Voltage (VAC) Current (A) Power (W) Speed (RPM) Airflow (M³/hr) Airflow (CFM) Noise dBA Capacitor uf wt Kg
    4E-200 8 4 Single 230 0.21 40 1400 480 283 45 1.5 3.0
    4E-250 10 4 Single 230 0.23 50 1380 1000 647 55 2 3.0
    4E-300 12 4 Single 230 0.42 85 1350 1820 1071 58 3 3.3
    4E-350 14 4 Single 230 0.65 140 1380 3100 1825 62 4 4.9
    4E-400 16 4 Single 230 0.82 180 1380 4000 2354 68 6 5.6
    4E-450 18 4 Single 230 1.20 250 1350 5100 3002 68 8 7.2
    4E-500 20 4 Single 230 1.85 420 1300 7700 4532 72 10 9.5
    4E-550 22 4 Single 230 2.55 550 1300 9200 5415 75 12 10.5
    4E-600 24 4 Single 230 3.00 700 1360 11000 6474 78 16 14.0

    Blower Motor

    Product features:
    • Much Air Volume, High efficiency, and low temperature rise.
    • It can be optimized in design in accordance with different kinds of indoor units, thus guaranteeing the best match between the air wheel and surface cooler.
    • Low noise and small vibration: being adapted international famous qualified low noise ball bearing, it makes motor long life and no need for more oil supplying.

    Shaded Pole Motor YZF6116-001

    Model Number
    Supply Voltage
    Supply Frequency
     Supply Current
    Power Input

    Shaded Pole Motor YZF-2-6-5-C

    220V 50HZ 6.5W 0.08A 2500RPM E

    Shaded Pole Motor SM102J

    Model Number SM102J
    Supply Voltage 110-120V, 220-240V
    Supply Frequency 50/60HZ
     Supply Current 0.12A/0.25A
    Power Input 13W
    Rotation CW

    Fan Motors

    The Leading Fan Motors Suppliers in Dubai

    We are the leading distributors of fan motors for air handling in the Middle East. Serving the automotive, wood sectors, chemical, food, pulp, paper, timber, as well as cement, iron, rubber, steel, plastic, and oil and gas industry.

    We, as one of the top fan motors suppliers, is constantly innovating and striving for quality in order to meet customer demands. We are one of the few suppliers in the UAE that have decades of experience in the field.

    Specs and Features of AC Fan Motors

    Using AC fan motor items has a number of advantages. For starters, these motors can reach tremendous speeds. This implies they can be employed in a variety of industrial settings. Another advantage of ac fan motors is the ability to control acceleration. Regulated control enables consistent and regulated movement, which is critical in demanding applications all around the world.

    As  the speeds do not vary abruptly, this also helps to save wear and tear on engine parts. Starting up an ac motor requires less energy. They spread it uniformly and keep a steady flow throughout the process. This lowers the chance of burnout, which happens when a motor is overworked during beginning.

    With over many years of experience in offering advancements to the residential and commercial HVAC and refrigeration industries, Al Imran are the industry fan motors suppliers. For air conditioning systems such as condenser fans, roof top units, cooling tower fans, crop dryer fans, ventilation fans, and more, our HVAC solutions can help you minimize energy consumption, noise, and enhance overall air quality.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing Fan Motors

    There are various things to consider while selecting an AC fan motor, including flexibility, noise produced during operation, and size. When purchasing an ac fan motor, flexibility is a key consideration. This implies that you should be able to apply the motor to a variety of tasks.

    Another thing to think about is how much noise it makes when it’s running. To avoid causing a disturbance, the motor must be silent when in operation. Another thing to consider about is the motor’s size. The size of the motor is mostly determined by the operations you’re performing. To avoid overworking it, choose the right size.

    Reach-in and walk-in coolers, reach-in and walk-in freezers, refrigerated cases, vending machines, and ice machines can all benefit from our extensive refrigeration options. Speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives about how our products can help you run your business more efficiently.

    Condenser Fan Motors

    Condenser fan motors are outdoor fan motors with 42, 48, and 56-frames that are utilized in HVAC and refrigeration condenser fan applications in residential and light commercial buildings. For air conditioning (A/C), heat pump, or package unit applications, these permanent split capacitor (PSC), electronically commutated motor (ECM), or 3-phase motors are acceptable.

    We are a reputable supplier of fan motor, offering high quality and competitive pricing. We are actively seeking both domestic and international agents. The products of motor axial fan are exported to dozens of countries and regions across the world. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to work together.

    HVAC Fan Motor Supplier

    Fans, pumps, air conditioners, blowers, compressors and heaters,  all employ AC motors in the HVAC industry. Roof ventilators and air circulators use direct drive blower and belt drive HVAC AC motors to circulate air. Water circulator AC motors supply power to hot water circulation pumps, while room air conditioner AC motors circulate cool air created by room air conditioners.

    Fans that distribute heat out of the heater and into the room are powered by unit heater AC motors. In gas furnace applications, draft booster AC motors are employed to sweep out any leftover combustion fumes, while transformer cooling fan AC motors operate fans that cool electrical transformers.

    Fan Motors at Wholesales Price

    Our fan motors suppliers company is a good place to look for wholesale fan motor. This online purchasing platform has a large selection of air conditioner motors to fit your needs and budget. You can access the website at any time and place a purchase with only a few clicks.

    Our company seeks to achieve the integration of enterprise management with worldwide standards by continuously absorbing and drawing lessons from the world’s sophisticated concepts and management practices. Comprehensive information may be found on our website, and our after-sale team will provide you with high-quality consulting services.

    Motor Axial Fan Supplier

    Available in sizes ranging from 290 mm to 800 mm, with a power supply ranging from 230 V to 400 V. The flow rate varies from 677 cfm to 14,714 cfm. Axial flow fans are available with speeds ranging from 485 to 1,500 rpm and currents ranging from 0.30 to 4 A.

    Impellers, ball bearings, lead wires, and durable construction are among the features that differ per model. Gaming, power and energy, robotics and automation, security, material handling, HVAC, transportation, aerospace, and broadcasting are among the industries that have been served.

    We are a prominent provider of external rotor motor axial fan cold rolled steel material in the UAE. The quality of our external rotor motor axial fan cold rolled steel material has been certified internationally, and the pricing is reasonable. Please contact us if you would like to purchase our items in bulk.

    Best Fan Motor HVAC Supplier UAE

    Users can get the ideal HVAC fan motor for their application by using a number of materials such as aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, or other alloys. This includes galvanized finishes, C5 offshore and marine finishes, and any other specific coatings that may be required.

    Long cased axials, short cased axials, run and standby, dual speed axials (2 Speed operation), single phase axials, axial fans in series or parallel, and plate mounted axials are among our axial fan configurations. Depending on the needs of the customer, these might be belt or direct driven. The belt driven fan’s main advantage is that the motor can be located outside of the process gas.