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Arkema Forane® R-134a Refrigerant – 13.6 Kg (30 pounds)

Specifications Maximum (unless otherwise noted)
1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane, wt % 99.8 (minimum)
Air and Other Non-condensable Gases, vol % 1.5
Volatile Impurities, wt. % 0.5
High Boiling Residue, vol % 0.01
Moisture (H2O), ppm by wt 10
Acidity, ppm by wt (as HCl) 1.0
Chloride, no visible turbidity (indicates about 3 ppm) Pass
Particulates / solids (visually clean to pass) Pass

Forane® R-404A Refrigerant

A zero ODP near azeotropic HFC refrigerant blend, which has applications in medium to low temperature refrigeration applications. Its properties are similar to those of R-502.

Forane® R-407C Refrigerant

A zero ODP zeotropic HFC blend which closely matches the properties of R-22. It can be used in many A/C and refrigeration applications in new or retrofitted R-22 installations. Polyolester lubricants should be used with R-407C due to immiscibility with mineral oil or alkylbenzene.

Forane® R-410A Refrigerant 11.3 KG

Near azeotropic HFC blend with a zero ODP designed to replace R-22 in many applications such as unitary A/C, chillers, and some refrigeration. It operates at a much higher pressure and capacity than R-22. Equipment, therefore, must be designed to handle R-410A.

Forane® R22 Refrigerant 13.6 KG (30 pounds)

Forane 22 - R22 Refrigerant is an HCFC that can be used for cooling and refrigeration purposes. It works well in medium to low temperature systems, such as freezers, chillers, or air conditioners. It can also be mixed with other refrigerants to create blends for different applications.

Forane® R507A Refrigerant 11 KG (24.25 pounds)

Forane 507a is a zero-ODP refrigerant blend of HFC-125 and HFC-143a. It has no temperature glide and can replace R-502 and R-22 in medium to low temperature systems with various lubricants.