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Air Condition Capacitors

Product name: CBB60 molded case capacitors Nominal voltage: 250 / 450VAC; Frequency: 50 / 60Hz Material: Polypropylene Film Applications: micropumps, washers, dryers, washers, single-phase motors, air compressors, and other mechanical motors. Advantages: no distinction between positive and negative electrodes, small size, lightweight, low loss, high stability, a good type of self-repair. Non-toxic, non-dripping, conducive to environmental protection.

Capacitor Square Black

Capacitor Square Black


Temp range: -40°C to 85°C                      Type: Run                 Shape: Round Availability:
  • 25uf to 65uf      2 pin
  • 30uf to 65uf      3 pin
Technical Data
  • Temperature range:                -40°C to 85°C
  • Shape:                                         Round
  • Rated voltage:                           370/450V
  • Capacitance range:                  25 to 65uf
  • Capacitance tolerance:           +/- 5%
  • Protected 10000AFC SH

Skycap Capacitors for AC and Refrigerators

Skycap Capacitors Made in India Specification
  • Electrode: Metalized P.P. Film
  • Dielectric: Polypropylene Film
  • Construction: Resin(Dry) / Oil
  • Available Ratings: 25μF to 60μF in 440V
  • Terminal: Tin Plated Terminal
  • Confirms to IS: 2993

Starting Capacitor Sigma SPP6

Feature List
  • PTC Positive Temperature Coefficient Relay and Capacitor
  • Easy 2-wire installation
  • Increase in torque 500%
  • Can be used on PSC type compressors
  • Most economic
  • UL® Recognized
  • Increases Compressor Torque 500%
  • 1/2 HP THRU to 10 HP


High Quality and Standard Capacitors Available At Al Imran

A capacitor is a smart device made up of two metal conductors separated by an insulator. They resemble huge, cylindrical batteries with two or three posts protruding from the top of an air conditioner. Capacitors store electrons to supply start-up energy for your air conditioner, and they build up a charge by swapping electrons between the two conducting plates inside as electricity passes through them.

Air conditioners perform a magic trick every time they turn on thanks to their capacitors. Because your air conditioner requires far more start-up energy than is available through your home’s wiring, the capacitor is added to the circuit to provide an electrical jumpstart at the same time your air conditioner is drawing electricity from the grid.

These two electrical sources work together to give your air conditioner the proper amount of power. Until an air conditioning cycle is completed, the capacitor’s function is done. The compressor must then be restarted.

What is the purpose of an HVAC capacitor?

The initial jolt of power required by your air conditioner’s motors is provided by an AC capacitor. It stores electricity and sends it in forceful bursts to your system’s motors, revving up your unit as it begins the cooling cycle.

What Causes AC Capacitor Failure?

Your air conditioning system will not work as it should due to problems with the AC capacitor.

  • Overheated system circuitry
  • Power surges
  • Lightning strikes
  • Extremely high outside temperatures
  • Cooling system short circuits
  • Equipment wear and tear

Capacitor Testing

One of the main reasons why most people do not test the capacitor on their own is because they lack the necessary equipment and tools to comprehend what is happening. A multimeter is used by the majority of heating and air conditioning repair experts.

By charging the AC capacitor with a known current, a multimeter can determine capacitance. This tool will then calculate the capacitance by measuring the resulting voltage.

What Is the Life Expectancy of AC Capacitors?

The majority will last for 20 years. Again, if your AC over cycles, has temperature or surge extremes, or if the capacitor has a damaged part, it won’t live long.

Checklist of AC Capacitor Symptoms

The cooling system may continue to work, albeit inefficiently, as a problem develops, and homeowners may not notice right away. Other times, the main defective AC capacitor indication is that the air conditioner stops working completely.

These signs of a bad AC capacitor indicate a cooling system problem. If you see any of the following, it’s time to buy a new capacitor:

  • A humming noise from your air conditioner
  • Your air conditioner takes a long time to start a cooling cycle when you turn it on
  • The air conditioning system shuts off at random
  • No cold air blows into your home while the air conditioner runs
  • The air conditioning system doesn’t turn on at all