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Canvas Cloth For Pipe & Duct Insulation

Canvas cloth/fabric provides a protective barrier over pipe and duct insulation. Its 100% cotton fabric used for insulation of Galvanized Steel ducting. It works as a cotton insulation jacket for piping. Available Sizes:
  • 6 Oz- 1.650 kg/Roll
  • 6 Oz- 1.800 kg/Roll
  • 8 Oz- 2.300 Kg/Roll

Foster – Canvas Cloth Coating

Westron Canvas Cloth / Fabric Coating 30 -36 is a water-based protective coating for thermal insulation application and has excellent adhesion to canvas and other insulation material.

Sigma AC Stop Leak + U/V Dye

Sigma AC Stop Leak for Permanent Repair of Condensers Connection Hoses Evaporators Gaskets & O-Rings Bonus 4 in 1 R134a Refrigerant Compressor Lubricant O-ring condition Flurescent Dye