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Rubber Insulation

Available Sizes: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8 and more... Product Features
  • Designed to insulate copper and iron pipes
  • Closed-cell foam helps protect against freezing
  • For energy saving use on hot and cold plumbing
  • Made of rubber
  • Green guard children & schools indoor air quality certified. Manufactured without cfcs, hfcs, pbdes, or formaldehyde.
  • Made with EPA registered antimicrobial product protection
Product Description For an economical and energy-efficient way to help prevent your pipes from freezing, consider using the Rubber pipe wrap insulation. This rubber insulation helps protect your copper and iron pipes against mold and condensation. It is flexible for easier installation.


PVC Tape is primarily engineered for the industrial application of wrapping pipes, making it an excellent choice for protecting underground pipelines or conduits from corrosion. It offers robust resistance to moisture, humidity, and fluctuations in temperature, while also providing exceptional adaptability to surfaces. Crafted from plasticized PVC and fortified with a rubber-based adhesive, it is offered in both black and white color options.

Insulation & tapes

Our high-quality insulation and tapes are great for protecting delicate materials like plastics and rubber against heat, moisture, and chemicals. The foil tape, which is made of 30-micron foil and a synthetic rubber adhesive, is tough and ideal for usage in harsh environments.

Heat Resistant Aluminum Tape

Our aluminum foil tape creates a reflective covering on sensitive and fragile surfaces, protecting them from high temperatures, UV and infrared radiation, dampness, and some chemicals. Because the synthetic rubber adhesive backing is non-reactive, it may be applied to any surface.

Aluminum tape is resistant to heat, cold, and humidity up to -35°C/-31°F + 120°C/248°C and will not shrink with age. This product is ideal for bonding aluminum laminated mineral fiber insulation, pipes, and air ducts, as well as isolating against heat and cold and sealing containers.


Aluminum tape can be used for a number of applications where heat or moisture protection is required, such as sealing air conditioning ducts, joining insulation panels, and providing a vapor-proof barrier in ducts. Aluminum tape is flame-retardant and effective at temperatures, making it suitable for use on practically any surface, including guttering.

The tape is easy to apply. Simply cut to size and apply to the area that needs to be protected, sealed, or joined. The synthetic adhesive rapidly adheres to the tape with the adhesion of 6.5N/cm on steel, allowing you to use your repair or protective layer right away.

The tape contains a silicone paper release lining for convenience and to protect the metal surface prior to use, making it easy to cut the tape to size prior to application.

PVC tape

PVC air conditioner tape is a sort of non-adhesive tape. In addition, the raw ingredient is resin oatmeal. Thin type thickness, for example, might be approximately 100 microns. Furthermore, it is a low-cost variant. Also, highly popular in the market of UAE.

Fortunately, it’s easy to rip and use by on-site staff. Furthermore, it has good moisture resistance. In addition to vapor and rusting. Furthermore, a thick variant with a thickness of roughly 180 microns is available. Alternatively, up to 200 microns.

Moreover, it might be simple or embossed. As a result, to meet various applications. Above all, it has pliable and adaptable qualities. In order to accommodate various pipe shapes.

Rubber Insulation

The HVAC industry uses the capacity of rubber to mold into diverse forms to manufacture various structural elements of air conditioner systems. Rubber is also utilized as anti-vibration cushions, which prevent moving parts from harm. Rubber is often used for soundproofing since it is an excellent insulator.

Prominent Features

  • Designed to insulate copper and iron pipes
  • For use on hot and cold plumbing to save energy
  • Green guard children & schools’ indoor air quality certified
  • Made without CFCS, HFCS, PBDEs, or formaldehyde
  • Closed-cell foam aids in freezing protection
  • EPA approved antimicrobial product protection

Product Description

Rubber pipe wrap insulation is a cost-effective and energy-efficient technique to keep your pipes from freezing. This rubber insulation shields copper and iron pipes from mold and humidity. It is adaptable to facilitate installation.