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Honeywell T6373A1108 Thermostat

Features: • Dual diaphragm sensing element ensures close temperature control for all loads and applications • Attractive modern styling makes this thermostat ideal for locating in the occupied space, particularly in offices or hotels • All versions have heat anticipator, which improves temperature control in both heating and cooling operation • Thermostat mounts directly onto a wall or conduit box • Slide switches allow manual control of system operation and fan speed • Auto heat/cool changeover possible (on some versions) by using pipe thermostat • Optional extras: - range stops F42006646-001

KT 109 Universal Remote

Universal A/C Remote Control
  • 110 codes in 1
  • Control more bards of A/C's in the world
  • Simple setting and convenient to use
  • Full function and reliable performance
  • Timer on/off
  • Quickly cool
Two operations:
  • Model selection by code input
  • Model selection by auto search
  • Can remotely control most brands and models of air conditioners with digital automatic code
  • Profoundly crafted body facilitates in optimised grip and hold
  • Compatible with all the models of the particular brand, increases usability
  • Streamlined with tactile buttons with utmost sensitive responsiveness

Large LCD Digital Thermostat T6865

Large LCD Digital Thermostat T6865 - Honeywell - T6865 Series
  • Model Number: T6865
  • Power Supply: 24VAC
  • Heat and cool setpoint: Yes

LRC Series water condenser

LRC Series water condenser is quality and performance leader in AC/R evacuation tools and this Refrigerant recovery machine for sale

Motor Vacuum 1200W – SIGMA

  • Model: Sigma-SIG01 (A)
  • Code: 6-013-0001
  • 1200W Class B
  • 220V/50-60Hz
  • 1200/1400/1600/1800/2000 Watt (available)

Motor Vacuum 1400W – SIGMA

  • Model: Sigma-SIG04 (A)
  • Code: 6-013-0002
  • 1400W Class B
  • 220V/50-60Hz
  • 1200/1400/1600/1800/2000 Watt (available)

Motor Vacuum 1800W ~ SIGMA

  • Model: HWX - CG06
  • 1800W Class B
  • 220V/50-60Hz
  • 1200/1400/1600/1800/2000 Watt (available)

Motor Vacuum 2000W – SIGMA

  • Model: HWX - CG06
  • 2000W Class B
  • 220V/50-60Hz
  • 1200/1400/1600/1800/2000 Watt (available)

Motor Vacuum Wet-Dry

Motor Vacuum Wet-Dry 1200/1400 Watt 220V - 50-6-Hz


High-Performance Refrigeration Compressor Oil
  Provide superior A/C cooling performance, smoother A/C compressor operation and help reduce moisture contamination in all auto A/C systems The only auto A/C compressor oil that provides real protection for your auto A/C compressor! Automotive Air Conditioning Auto A/C Synthetic Compressor oil for cooler Auto Air! Use as per the compressor manufacturer’s guidelines
    • Viscosity @ 40º C 46 cSt – ISO VG 46 Synthetic Compressor Oil
    • Motorol Refrin 134A is specifically formulated for automotive or light truck A/C systems
    • Manufactured from virgin base oil
    • Made in UAE

MOTOROL Refrin 3GS Lubricant

High Performance Refrigeration Compressor Oil Product Specification
  • Essentially wax-free & excellent low-temperature properties
  • Excellent thermal, chemical & oxidation properties
  • Recommended in systems using R12, R22, R401, R402, R502, Ammonia, etc. as refrigerants
  • Viscosity grade ISO VG 32
  • Manufactured from virgin base oil
  • Made in UAE