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Delay On Make Timer – QD – 068 – SIGMA

UNI VAC 10MIN.ADJ DIVERSIFIED: AC-800, ASC-600, ASC-601 GEMLINE: 1C310 1C213 Brand: SIGMA   Model: QD-068

Refrigerator Fridge Defrost Timer TMDE520SC1

  • Product Name: Fridge Timer;
  • Working Power: AC 220-240V, 50Hz;
  • External Material: Plastic, Metal;
  • Main Color: White
  • Batteries Required: No

Refrigerator Fridge Defrost Timer TMDE807TC1

  • Product Name: Fridge Timer;
  • Working Power: AC 220-240V, 50Hz;
  • External Material: Plastic, Metal;
  • Main Color: White
  • Batteries Required: No

Refrigerator Fridge Defrost Timer TMDF802ZH1

  • Product: Fridge Timer;
  • Working Power: AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz;
  • External Material: Plastic, Metal;
  • Main Color: White
  • Batteries Required: No

Timer TMDBM8322-4

TMDB Series M8308 Refregeraor parts Refrigerator Freezer Defrost Timer  
Model Rated Voltage Switch Rating Defrost time Cycle Time Power Cosumption
 50Hz  60Hz  50Hz  60Hz
TMDBM8322X 208-240V AC250V/6A  29m40s  25m 9H36m 8h MAX 3W
TMDBM8322 208-240V AC250V/6A  25m20s 21m6s 9H36m 8h
TMDBM8308X 100-120V AC125V/9A  24m12 20m 9H36m 8h
TMDBM8308 100-120V  AC125V/9A  24m12 20m 9H36m 8h
TMDBM8429X 100-120V AC125V/9A   25m20s 21m6s 7H12m 6h
TMDBM8429 100-120V AC125V/9A  29m40s 25m 7H12m 6h
TMDBM8429CRX 208-240V AC250V/6A  36m25s 31m 7H12m 6h
TMDBM8431 208-240V AC250V/6A  24m12s 20m 7H12m 6h
TMDBM8429RX 100-120V  AC125V/9A   37m20s 32m16s 7H12m 6h

Timer TMDCJ625-ZF1-4

Freezer defrost timer, refrigerator timer is designed to control the defrosting time for freezing system device application.
  • Electric parameter:220V 50/60Hz 3W 110V 50/60Hz 3W
  • Operating time:6/8H
  • Defrosting time:15 minutes
Advantages: Defrost timer(series) driven by mini-ACS(Alternating Current Synchronous) motors
  • Good timing, little power consumption, low noise;
  • High capacity switch design, better loading capacity;
  • suitable for installing inside or outside.


What Is A Refrigerator Timer?

A refrigerator timer, also known as a defrost timer, is a device used to control the amount of frost that accumulates in a refrigerator. It turns on and off to enable frost in the fridge to melt and prevent frost accumulation. To maintain frost levels reasonably consistently, most contemporary refrigerators employ a timer. If a refrigerator begins to build frost, does not cool correctly, or is excessively cold, this might indicate that the timer is faulty and needs to be changed.

How does a refrigerator timer function?

It works like a clock, rotating between the cooling cycle and the defrost heater to keep the thermostat temperature fixed, preventing the machine from being excessively hot or cold. If the fridge is not maintaining its temperature or has frost buildup, the defrost timer may need to be changed.

Testing of refrigerator timer

The defrost timer is normally located beneath the refrigerator’s front grill “toe kick.” It can also be found within the refrigerator or freezer under a cover plate, in the temperature control panel, or behind the refrigerator near the compressor.

Locate the advance screw and spin it clockwise until you hear a click to see whether the defrost timer is simply failing to progress. This progresses it to the next mode. If it was previously cooling, it is now in defrost mode.

Simply wait 35 minutes to see if it has exited defrost mode and restarted cooling (listen for the compressor). If it does not advance, the timer motor is most likely faulty, and the complete timer must be replaced. If it moves as it should go to the next step to electrically test the switch.

Changing A Refrigerator’s Defrost Timer

  • Find the defrost timer.
  • Remove the panel beneath the refrigerator doors.
  • Using a screwdriver or a socket wrench, remove the rear bottom panel.
  • There will be a circular notch on the front of the defrost timer.
  • Turn the knob until the refrigerator fan is turned off.

Faulty refrigerator’s timer

The freezer thermistor, together with the fresh food thermistors, will provide signals to the mainboard, which will determine when to turn off/on the compressor, speed up/slow down/turn off the fans, or open/close the damper. The refrigerator will not cool properly if one of the thermistors fails.

Where is the defrost timer on a refrigerator?

Locate the defrost timer on your refrigerator. It can be found beneath the bottom kickplate of the refrigerator, in the control panel of the refrigerator, or even behind the refrigerator on the rear wall. Almost all defrost timers have four metallic connections protruding from the bottom. Once you’ve found it, turn off the timer.