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Gauge Manifold Single High Pressure Sigma

Gauge Manifold Single High-Pressure Sigma  

Gauge Meter R134a Gas High Pressure Westron

*Made in Taiwan* Gauge Meter R134a Gas High-Pressure Westron - High-Pressure Manifold Gauge Set For R134A Refrigerant

High Pressure Gauge Meter – HVAC Pressure Gauge – Vacuum Gauge

A pressure gauge is a tool for measuring the condition of a fluid (liquid or gas), as it is specified by the force that the fluid would apply, when at rest, on a unit area. The high-pressure gauges are color-coded red.



Manifold Gauge Set Sigma 536

  • New Generation of Vibration Proof Gauges
  • R134a/R22/R404/R407c
  • A/C gauges
  • air conditioning gauges
  • professional A/C gauges
  • A/C repair tools
  • A/C diagnostic gauges

QC – 12 – Auto Car Refrigerant QUICK COUPLER Adapter

Low High R134a Quick Connectors Port Adapters for Auto Car AC *Made in Taiwan*

QC 12 Adapter – Quick Coupler Adapter

 Auto Car Refrigerant QUICK COUPLER Adapter Low High R134a Quick Connectors Port Adapters for Auto Car AC *Made in PRC*

Manifold Gauge & Charging Hose

The Importance of Manifold Gauge and Charging Hose in HVAC

As a heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration service professional, you’ve almost definitely had to use manifold gauges. Not just HVAC/R professionals need to understand how to operate them. A dependable set of gauges is a significant tool for a variety of specialists in a wide range of fields.

Manifold gauges are used to measure the pressure of different liquids and gases in a cooling system, as well as vacuum pressure for testing or charging the device. They differ in the number of ports, also known as manifolds, that are used to connect accessories. In addition, gauges can be distinguished by the pressure they are built to bear, which is critical when working with various refrigerants.

Manifold gauge sets, often known as HVAC gauges or refrigeration gauges, are used to diagnose and repair refrigerators and cooling systems. They use digital or mechanical gauges to monitor both low and high-refrigerant pressures in order to diagnose issues like leakage or to assist while emptying and refilling a system.

Prominent features

An air conditioning manifold gauge set is a must-have instrument for anybody interested in conducting basic system repairs at home, such as monitoring a/c line pressure, identifying whether there is a leak, adding small quantities of refrigerant, or completing a complete evacuation and recharge.

It is made up of three chambers: a low-pressure chamber, a high-pressure chamber, and a utility chamber. These chambers regulate the flow of gas and pressure. These are critical for determining the fundamental functioning of HVAC systems.

Working on Manifold gauge

The manifold gauge, as the fundamental refrigeration system tool, is utilized for diagnostic and service. For repair, a technician needs to have R-134a and R-12 manifolds. Many shops that have refrigerant service machines will have one or more manifold gauges to check pressures while the equipment is being utilized.

Furthermore, manifold gauges are used to eliminate tainted or unknown mix refrigerants from air conditioning systems, lowering the possibility of cross-contaminating servicing equipment. In businesses that do a lot of air conditioning service, technicians frequently carry their own manifold gauges in their toolbox.

Although all manifold gauges are built the same way, the form factor varies according to the tool’s maker. There are gauges for 2-valve manifolds, 4-valve manifolds, and more. The essential components of a typical manifold gauge are seen in the image below.

The manifold may have many ports and a sight glass that allows the technician to examine the condition of the refrigerant traveling through it. Depending on the manufacturer, the hand valve on the manifold gauges may be located on the front or side of the manifold.