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Adopter SG S5 R410

This Adapter is for R410a Mini Split System Air Conditioners, HVAC, and Refrigeration Service. This fitting is good for some of the R410A import Mini Split systems so the standard 1/4" Hoses can be used.

High Pressure Switch SIGMA

High-Pressure Switch SIGMA
  • Automatic Reset
  • Open on Pressure Rise
  • Opens 425 PSI, Closes 300 PSI +/-15 PSI

Leak Detector Model: WJL-6000

  • advanced leak detect technology
  • easy operations functions
  • stable function & small appearance

Low Pressure Switch SIGMA

Low-Pressure Switch SIGMA
  • Automatic Reset
  • Open on Pressure Fall
  • Opens 25 PSI, Closes 65 PSI +/-5 PSI

Pinch Off Plier – PH-303 – WESTRON

*Made in Taiwan* Pinch Off Pliers has special radius jaws to avoid damaging hoses. They are lightweight and nonconductive. Pinch Off Plier is for use on all brake and fuel lines. Specifications:- Size: Throat 7", Depth 1", Jaw Thickness 1/4" Design and Usage:
  • Drop Forged Steel Jaws.
  • Pinches off and locks on the tubing. Leaves both hands free to do other work.
  • Specially designed for the refrigeration industry.
  • Pinches off and locks on copper tubing.
  • It is very handy, quick and easy to use - promptly blocks the flow of outgoing gas.
  • So strong but still simple to use.


*Made in Taiwan* Ratchet RW-123 WESTRON A/C Ratchet Wrench 3/16", 1/4", 1/2", 9/16" Square Openings

Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector

Features: ● Displaying quantity of the leak with a single color ● Seven-level sensitivity adjustable ● Trigger keyboard ● Real-time sensitivity adjustable ● Battery voltage display ● Ability to all the halogen gases ● 14-inch (35.5cm) soft stainless probe