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QC – 12 – Auto Car Refrigerant QUICK COUPLER Adapter

Low High R134a Quick Connectors Port Adapters for Auto Car AC *Made in Taiwan*

QC 12 Adapter – Quick Coupler Adapter

 Auto Car Refrigerant QUICK COUPLER Adapter Low High R134a Quick Connectors Port Adapters for Auto Car AC *Made in PRC*

High Pressure Switch SIGMA

High-Pressure Switch SIGMA
  • Automatic Reset
  • Open on Pressure Rise
  • Opens 425 PSI, Closes 300 PSI +/-15 PSI

Low Pressure Switch SIGMA

Low-Pressure Switch SIGMA
  • Automatic Reset
  • Open on Pressure Fall
  • Opens 25 PSI, Closes 65 PSI +/-5 PSI

Digital Clamp Meter DT-87

Input impedance: 9MΩ Overload Protection 600V DC/Peak AC on all ranges Features:
  • Continuity Beeper
  • Data-Hold Function
  • Small Size, Lightweight
  • Power Source: UM-4 or AAA 1.5 batteryx2
  • Resistance: 0.1 to 400 Ohm to 40M Ohm
  • Capacitance: 10pF to 1000uF

Testing Manifold Gauge – 536 – WESTRON

Manifold Gauge to Control the Flows of Pressure or Gases Easy to read gauges. 3 Color-coded gauges, valves, and hoses. Complete diagnostic and service gauge set for use on air condition systems 10 Amps high rate charging. Quick connect fittings with high-pressure safety valve.
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Commercial brand: Yellow Jacket
  • Test Instruments & Gauges
  • A/C gauges
  • air conditioning gauges
  • professional A/C gauges
  • A/C repair tools include R134A adapter
  • A/C diagnostic gauges
  • Number Of Hoses 3
  • Number Of Valves 2
  • For Use With R-22, R-404A, R-410A, 1/4
  • Ul Hoses, Includes Hoses
Manifold Gauge And Hose Set, Air Conditioning And Stationary Refrigeration - use with R-22, R-404A, R-410A

Multi Size Tube Bender – WESTRON – 404L

*Made in Taiwan* HIGH EFFICIENCY – POWER SAVING TOOL Easily operates and replace from wheel Contains:
  • Multi Size Tube Bender
  • Tube Cutter
  • Plastic Reamer
in an Easy Carrying Blow Case Sizes: 3/8”, 1/2", 5/8”, 3/4", 7/8” O.D. Tubing

Tube Cutter – WESTRON – TAIWAN

Size: 3 – 32mm - Made in Taiwan Metal Tube Cutter – High Quality Blade – three times longer life
  • The cutter is designed specifically for cutting metal thin tubing, such as copper, aluminum, steel and so on.
    • Cuts clean square cuts
    • Made for fast-cutting and well-organized use
    • Cuts copper, brass, aluminum, and thin-wall conduit
    • Includes X-CEL knob for closer cutting
    • Brand: WESTRON
    • Tools Type: Hand Tools
    • Model Number: TC - 274
    • Cutting Capacity: 3 to 32mm


3X Faster Heat Transfer Than Propane
  • Description
  • MAXRON MAPP Gas Physical PropertiesMAPP gas is also used in incineration with air for brazing and soldering, where it has a slight advantage over competing for propane fuel because of its higher combustion temperature of 2,020 °C (3,670 °F) in air.MAXRON MAPP Gas is colorless in both liquid and gas form. The gas has a noticeable acetylene-like or fishy odor at concentrations above 100 ppm, due to the addition of substituted amines as a polymerization inhibitor. Low molecular weight alkynes have strong odors. MAPP gas is toxic if inhaled at high concentrations.

Leak Detector Model: WJL-6000

  • advanced leak detect technology
  • easy operations functions
  • stable function & small appearance

Welding Torch Model – HZ-8385

*Made in Taiwan*
  • For use with Map/Pro or Propane Gas
  • Efficient high energy swirl flame
  • Adjustable flame control
  • Handy cylinder clip included
  • Brazing Fuel – 3600˚ F (1982˚ C)
  • Propane - 2500˚ F (1371˚ C)