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R22 Refrigerant Gas – 13.6kg – R22 REFRON India

Refron Refrigerant Gas R22 13.6kgs - Made in India. R22 Refron gas is used as a refrigerant in household, industrial, commercial air-conditioning systems also used to produce insecticide & aerosol for spraying paint. Available:
  • Disposable Cylinders – (13.6Kg) (30lbs)
  • Torpedo/Ton Tanks – (500kg/950kg)
  • ISO Tankers – (ISO Tank Contains 20,000 Kg)
Al Imran is a distributor, supplier of R22 Refron Refrigerant Gas, HVACR products, refrigerant gas, copper coils, and lengths in the UAE, the MENA region and African Countries.