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R600a Refrigerant – Isobutane – MAXRON

R600a (Isobutane) is a refrigerant grade Isobutane used as a replacement for R12 and R134a in a variety of high-temperature refrigeration applications. R600a (Isobutane) is a hydrocarbon that is becoming increasingly popular due to its low Global Warming Potential (GWP). Available:
  • Two & Three Slices Cans – (320/340/500/1000 Grams )
  • Disposable Cylinders – (13.6Kg/6.8Kg/3.4Kg) (30lbs/15lbs/7.5lbs)
  • Refillable Cylinders – (6.5Kg/12Kg/60Kg)
  • Torpedo/Ton Tanks – (500kg/950kg)
  • ISO Tankers – (ISO Tank Contains 20,000 Kg)